Antenatal Care

We Provide Antenatal Care, Including Shared Care With A Professional

Taking care of your health and getting regular checkups is crucial while going through a pregnancy. Antenatal care, also known as pregnancy or maternity care, is planned precisely for pregnant women to help them stay nutritious and healthy during their journey. The moment you know that you are pregnant, a doctor’s visit is highly recommended to get a clearer picture of the effective health procedures you need to take care of. It helps ensure that your child is delivered harmlessly and in perfect health.

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Antenatal Appointment Visits

This comprehensive care provides information about taking care of your health during pregnancy and identifying warning signs to get quick treatment. Even if you feel fine and do not notice anything off, you must still visit your doctor during antenatal appointments to guarantee risk-free pregnancy. You can also get assistance and advice on improving your lifestyle to keep your baby safe during this time.

Antenatal Care arrangements usually include tests, general evaluations and examinations to understand how you and your child are doing. The exact approach depends on what stage of pregnancy you are in and your health condition. You can also check out your pregnancy, labour, and birth options to ensure you have a plan for the same when the time arrives.

Antenatal Appointment Visits

Routine Pregnancy Blood Tests:

You will have to go through several routine tests to ensure that the pregnancy advances well with no complications.

Antenatal screening blood tests: Ideally, these blood tests are performed before pregnancy to pinpoint any potential issues that can be cured (e.g. rubella vaccination for females with low immunity). If your doctor has not already arranged for you to have antenatal blood tests, we can arrange them at your first visit. These blood tests comprise screening for illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, rubella, syphilis, as well as your blood group and blood count.

Glucose tolerance test (GTT) and Glucose challenge test (GCT):  These blood tests are carried out to determine whether you are growing gestational diabetes in the pregnancy or not. Usually performed at 26-28 weeks of pregnancy, it demands you to drink a sugary liquid and wait at the pathology centre for an hour or two to calculate your body's response. This blood test usually requires an appointment.
Some women have a greater chance of developing gestational diabetes in their pregnancy and may be advised to have this test earlier or on more than one occasion during their pregnancy.

Blood count and antibody screen:  This is conducted at the start of the pregnancy and at 28 and 36 weeks gestation to examine anaemia (low iron levels). The antibody screen is crucial for women with a negative blood type, and risk rhesus is immunisation.

Get Shared Care from a Professional

Antenatal Shared Care is a special arrangement where you get care from your Doctor (GP) and antenatal clinic specialist to achieve an overall idea of obstetric care. If your GP and antenatal hospital deem this arrangement feasible based on risk factors and other relevant considerations, you can obtain this arrangement set up. Shared Care is often more appropriate for women with low-risk pregnancies so that you can have your meetings with your GP or expert.

One of the exceptional advantages of getting shared care is working with your doctor, who is already acquainted with and equally aware of your physical condition. Thus, we offer this option to give you more flexible options with your comprehensive pregnancy care.

We understand that going through pregnancy for the first time can come with many internal changes. Indeed, it is an exciting time, but feeling frightened and nervous about the upcoming changes is expected. Visit our professionals at We Care Health Medical Centre today to ensure you get sound Antenatal Care and stay fit & healthy throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.

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