Hearing Loss: Audiology and Hearing Test

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A person's capacity to develop communication, language, and social skills might be hampered by hearing loss. The sooner people with hearing loss begin receiving treatments, the more probable they will realize their full potential. If you feel a family member or close relative has hearing loss, trust your intuition and consult with our doctor.
Good hearing health minimizes the frustration of missing out on conversations and being socially isolated. Healthy hearing is also known to improve brain activity, such as memory, and other physical health advantages.

What exactly is hearing loss?

A person is diagnosed with hearing loss if they cannot attend and someone with normal hearing, which is defined as hearing thresholds of 20 dB or better in both ears. It can be mild, moderate, reasonably severe, or deep in one or both ears.

What exactly is hearing loss?

What are some general causes of hearing loss?

Otosclerosis. This is a disease of the middle ear. It makes the movement of the small bones in the middle ear more difficult. It is the cause of conductive hearing loss. Surgery is frequently used to treat this condition.

Loud noise. Loud noises might permanently damage your hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss is painless and usually develops gradually. Hearing a deafening sound, such as an explosion, might result in an abrupt loss of hearing.

A physical head injury. Hearing loss can be caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a hole in the eardrum, or damage to the middle ear.

Presbycusis. This is a sensorineural hearing loss that occurs as you age. Speech may become garbled or confused. To hear it, you may need to ask people to repeat themselves or turn up the volume on the television.

What do we understand by audiology?

Audiology is the scientific study of hearing, balance, and related problems. Audiologists treat people who have hearing loss and work to avoid further damage. Audiologists use numerous testing procedures to evaluate whether a person has normal sensitivity to sounds. Audiologists are experts who can assist people of all ages prevent, diagnose, and cure hearing and balance impairments. Audiologists give expert and individualized services to help people become more involved in vital activities in their lives and enhance their overall quality of life. Audiologists can assist in the management of hearing-related issues.

What is a hearing test?

Our ears are divided into the outside, middle, and inner ears. Audiometry or hearing tests can determine if you have sensorineural (nerve or cochlea damage) or conductive hearing loss (damage to the eardrum or the small ossicle bones).

What happens in a hearing test?>

These audiometry tests are conducted in a quiet soundproof room. Your head will be fitted with earphones. You will be asked to sit silently and refrain from speaking. The earbuds are linked to a machine that will emit tones and varied speech sounds to your ears one at a time. The audiologist will check your ears by asking you to raise your hand when you hear a sound. Raise your left hand if you hear a sound with your left ear; raise your right hand if you hear a sound in your right ear. The audiologist will record every tone at the lowest volume at which you could hear it.

Be prepared to make the most of your appointment.

When you're at your Audiometry test, you should be prepared to discuss all of your hearing problems (e.g., communicating, confidence, how you feel about your hearing), as well as whether you have any other issues associated with hearing loss (e.g. tinnitus). Therefore, it is critical to discuss openly the various situations in which you find it difficult to hear clearly (e.g. in noisy surroundings, in groups).
It may be beneficial to bring someone else with you to this appointment. There's always a lot to remember, and two heads are always better than one!

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