Work Cover Injuries and Reports

Being a business owner, you are responsible for the welfare and safety of your employees and others at the workplace. If the employee has been injured, the employer must be informed of all details. So that the job is not hampered and necessary modifications can be done.

In such situations, Workcover Injuries and Reports can help to keep the employer and employee on the same page. It will cover the reported type of the injury, the reason and the trigger, relevant clinical findings, diagnosis and other causative factors of injury, and the projected time frame for the employee’s resume of normal employment.

Work Cover Injuries and Reports will include the necessary limits regarding the injury received and response to the treatment that is urgently required, such as physiotherapy, medicine, radiography, and specialist evaluation. This will help reduce the amount of time wasted and inform the employer of the steps that must be taken to support employees in continuing at work.

Work Cover Injuries and Reports may include the following:

  • The nature of the damage, the cause, and the trigger as reported.
  • Examined clinical findings
  • Diagnosis and other possible causes
  • Management expected and required time to return to regular employment.
  • any anomalies in the presentation that may necessitate non-medical intervention, such as workplace discontent, other non-work contributing variables, or exaggeration.
Work Cover Injuries and Reports may include the following:

All employers are required to record worker injuries for which their workers' compensation insurer may claim workers' compensation. Injuries must be reported regardless of whether the worker files a workers' compensation claim, even if you disagree that the damage is compensable.
The first step in filing a workers' compensation claim is informing your employer of your injuries. Prompt reporting frequently results in a better claim for workers' compensation benefits and a faster medical recovery. However, each state has standards for providing proper notice to your employer. For example, you may jeopardize your right to receive workers' compensation benefits if you do not follow the proper procedure.

The following incidents must be reported:

  • a skull, spine, or pelvic fracture
  • a fracture of any bone in the arm (excluding the wrists or hands) or leg (other than a bone in the ankle or foot)
  • a forearm, a hand, a finger, a thumb joint, a leg, a foot, a toe, or a toe joint
  • any injury other than those listed above that, in the opinion of a medical practitioner, is likely to prevent the employee from returning to work within 10 days after the date of the injury;
  •  Infectious infections (tuberculosis, hepatitis virus, Legionnaires' disease obtained by occupational exposure)
  •  Zoonoses in the workplace (Q fever, anthrax, leptospiroses and brucellosis were contracted during unsafe exposure with infected animals at work).

Why We Care Health Medical Centre?

WeCare Health is reinventing primary care. To provide a world-class patient experience, we bring together a team dedicated to great care, smart use of technology, and people-centred design. We Care Health Medical Centre was founded on the principles of compassion, devotion, and respect for our patients. Our extremely competent doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel provide the highest level of care to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one. We are committed to developing a strong doctor-patient connection with you because we feel that a more positive experience can produce better results.
We Care Health Medical Centre ensures that our patients have a call-in phone line to answer any Work Cover Injuries and Reports questions all seven days a week. Every attempt is taken to collect data from the employee while ensuring that our Workcover Certificate of Capacity contains pertinent limits concerning the injury incurred. This will also meet with Workcover legislation, as the impairment and limitation will be reported rather than the work. Furthermore, the professionals at We Care Health are so committed to treating patients that they open early and close late for people that work or get up before dawn.
The panel of rehabilitation professionals at We Care Health will support the affected worker rehabilitation process and ensure a medically safe and easy transition back to work while the injury is being treated. Furthermore, a notification will be issued to the insurance for a workers' compensation application submitted by one of the workers. After a comprehensive inspection, your insurer will determine whether the workers' compensation claim should be approved.

Our experts make certain that workers and insurers obtain a copy of the Workcover Certificate of Capacity as well as a report outlining the nature of the incident and the injury.
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