Child’s Health

A Child’s Health combines physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping young ones healthy, like offering them nutrients, food, good sleep and exercise. But, children have different needs as they are still growing and yet to develop. As a result, you must visit a Child Health Clinic with a pediatrician to ensure that you address the critical health needs of your little one. 

We Care Health Medical Centre offers medical services for kids that focus on all aspects of your child’s well-being. To get an appointment, call 02 6324 6688


Importance Of Getting a Proper Child Health Plan

Contacting a leading health clinic can ensure that your child is flourishing with protection against certain infirmities. A Child's Health Centre can offer crucial insights and benefits from medical specialists who measure your kid's progress.

Some standard tests are available at We Care Health Centre, which can determine how your child progresses compared to other Australian kids of similar age. If we detect something wrong, we will work with a medical professional to provide your son or daughter with all the support they need.

We provide medical service through a multidisciplinary team of child doctors, nurses, and early intervention clinicians. 

Importance Of Getting a Proper Child Health Plan

Child's Health Services

At We Care Health Medical Centre, we provide numerous services. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Children's Illnesses: Kids can get sick easily. It is important to know the symptoms of the common illnesses that babies often suffer. This helps in the prevention and treatment of that sickness. There are many general conditions, such as common flu, sore throat, skin and ear infections. Such diseases can be challenging to avoid.However, it is possible to restrain many conditions that may also critically affect a child's health. These preventable conditions are contagious infections and tooth decay. Such issues can be controlled through constant oral/dental care and fluoride medications.
  • Newborn Assessments: Newborn toddlers are usually exposed to many diseases and require special care. This is why you need a personal medical screening for babies to grow and stay healthy. We offer infant assessments from time to time, and keep newborns in a perfect fitness state.
  • Growth and Health Check: Every kid needs health screenings to ensure that they do not have any infectious or contagious diseases requiring medication. We offer such health services to children of all age groups.
  • Precautionary Care Services for Children: Our preventive healthcare assistance protects kids against flu and other transmissible diseases. We provide childhood immunisations and other essential services to shield children.
  • Many More Child Health Services: We allow a series of Child's Health support, including infant treatment. We also assist you when dealing with some of the problematic phases of keeping your baby nutritious and healthy.

Our team of health professionals brings many medical checkups to guarantee that your child's growth is on the right path.

Child's Health Services

Important Vaccinations for Children

Immunisations are essential for everyone, not just kids. But, it is necessary for children as their bodies are responsive to the disease while growing. The Australian government has established a national immunisation program (NIP) list describing the vaccines your kid must get during different ages.

The program begins with the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Within a child's initial year, they must receive a list of vaccines once they turn two, four, and six months old and then one year old. The next vaccine is given at 18 months old, and after that, the following immunisations will be more spaced out.

At We Care Health Medical Centre, we prioritise your Child's Health and work with you to guarantee their immunisations are up to mark. Despite how healthy your baby may be, keeping track of their vaccinations is essential to keep their body immune from viruses and related risks.

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At We Care Health Medical Centre, we have pediatricians and healthcare professionals specialising in child care. You can be relieved to know that we do our best to keep your toddler healthy. We understand that immunisation on its own can seem overwhelming, particularly for first-time parents. Please don't hesitate to visit our medical centre today. To learn more about your kid’s health, call us now and make an appointment for your kid at We Care Health Medical Centre. Call us on 02 6324 6688.

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