Fee Schedule

Billing Policy

WeCare Health is a mixed billing practice. We do a combination of both bulk billing and private billing.
Our doctors have different billing policies so please make yourself familiar with specific billing fees before making an appointment.
We bulk bill Pensioners, Health Care Cards holders and children 16 years and younger for GP visits.
There are also specific out of pocket expenses for procedures.

Private Gap fee

How does this work
The way gap fee works is you pay the initial fee as outlined in the fee structure and the Medicare rebate is the money that you can claim back from Medicare. We can process Medicare rebates for you.

Service Type Fee Medicare Fee Out of Pocket
Standard Consult – up to 20 mins(Level B) $70 $39.75 $30.25
Long Consult- more than 20 mins up to 40 mins (Level C) $110 $76.95 $33.05
Prolong Consult (Level D) $150 $113.30 $36.70


*After Hours Consult – Before 0800 hrs weekdays, Saturday after 1 pm and All-day Sunday
and Public Holiday


Service Type Fee Medicare Fee Out of Pocket
Standard Consult – up to 20 mins(Level B) $80 $51.80 $28.20
Long Consult- more than 20 mins up to 40 mins (Level C) $120 $88.80 $31.20
Prolong Consult (Level D) $160 $124.50 $25.50


Patients without Medicare Card

For patients who DO NOT have a valid Medicare card will have to pay a private fee. Overseas insurance is not processed on site. After finishing your appointment, we will give you a hard copy of the tax invoice which can be used to claim your overseas health insurance.

Procedure Fee

  1. We do various procedures on site at Practice including  
  2. Pap smears, Cryotherapy  
  3. Implanon Insertion and removal  
  4. Mirena insertion and removal  
  5. Circumcision  
  6. Tongue Tie  
  7. Ear Syringing  
  8. Skin Checks  
  9. Plaster/Splint applications  
  • There is a gap fee for most procedures performed at WeCare Health . This fee covers the cost of equipment that we use including dressings, surgical equipment, anaesthetic agents, sutures, and cryotherapy.
  • Your doctor/ Nurse will inform you of the out-of-pocket fee prior to the procedure.
  • Please enquire at reception or call us at 02 63246688 for procedure fees and cost associated as they all incur different fee.
  • You will be asked to pay the full fee for your procedure however, using EFPTOS card to our Tyro payment system you will receive your Medicare refund at the time of payment via direct debit into your bank account.
  • We accept EFPTOS, direct debit and credit card payments. Due to COVID -19 we do not prefer cash payment.


A non-attendance notification letter will be issued after the 2nd non-attendance. A $30.00 non-attendance fee will be enforced if not cancelled within 24 hours on 3rd occasion and no further appointments will be offered until account is paid

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer counselling over a phone call. 

We Care Health is now giving telephonic consultations in light of the COVID-19 situation. 

To arrange a phone consultation, please get in touch with us at 02 6324 6688

You also can schedule an appointment with us online. In that case, our team will reach you to validate your one-on-one session.

We Care Health welcomes walk-ins.

Please ensure that you follow the clinic’s health protocols.

You may have to wait if you walk in without fixing an appointment but emergencies are always cared for timely.

However, we always advise you to book an appointment before arriving because we prioritise those who have scheduled in advance for a consultation.

Due to safety reasons, we cannot share delicate medical information over the phone call. 

It is challenging to ascertain a caller’s identity, allowing corrupt people to access sensitive data such as test results.

Also, our doctors’ time would be tough to manage if they were continually interrupted to examine test results with patients.

Here, the best option is to speak with a staff member and ask when the results will be ready, then schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss it.

To get a medical certificate, you need to consult with your doctor.

You should keep in mind that medical certificates cannot be retroactively issued. 

If you need a medical certificate, please consult early in your illness.


Prof. Ross Wilson
 Prof. Ross Wilson

Consultant emeritus

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Dr Pavan Phanindra
 Dr Pavan Phanindra

General Practitioner
M.Sc ( Population Health),  MBBS

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Dr Anne Gilroy
Dr Maria Rasool
 Dr Maria Rasool

FRACGP , MBBS , AMC , Diploma in Child Health , Emergency Medicine certificate

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Dr Uma Andrada
 Dr Uma Andrada

MBBS, General Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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