Emergency Management: Wound Closure and Early Stabilisation

You can never be too cautious about unexpected accidents. From minor to severe injuries, any physical harm requires immediate treatment. At We Care Health Centre, we offer Emergency Management for wound closure. 

Wound Closure and Early Stabilisation are the basics of Emergency Management. It ensures that the wound heals quickly without future complications.

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What Are The Basic Treatment Principles For Emergency Management?

  1. You need to exclude any barrier to healing
  2. You need to build an environment that helps and aids wound healing
  3. You need to rectify any underlying deficiency, such as diet, vascular or nerve supply.

Four Stages of Emergency Management

While managing open wounds, it is essential to have an environment that's suitable for healing. Here is some help we offer to handle open injuries and treat Wound Closure & Early Stabilisation.

Four Stages of Emergency Management


An injury can contain damaged or infected tissues that could be slowing down the overall recovery. This process reduces the impact of contaminated substances from further damage, including bleeding and recovering the joints, promoting healing. The objectives of debridement include:

  • An injury examination may demand firm but gentle dissection to reveal severe wounds.
  • Reduce damaged, dead and contaminated tissue
  • Detach foreign bodies
  • Block haemorrhage
  • Rebuild structural normality wherever possible
  • Get rid of dead space

During some problematic situations, wounds will be intense and extreme, if any debridement.


Debridement Using a Bandage or Dressing

Sometimes, dressing can stick to the wound's covering, beginning to remove decaying tissues when the injury is redressed. Hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressings assist in developing debridement by combining with the fluids generally secreted by the wound. Then, when the damage is cleaned, these secretions are wiped off. 

Wound Cleaning

When the wound needs cleansing, the solution that needs to be used for the process is a choice best given by the doctor. After looking at the state of the injury, your general practitioner may decide if wound cleaning is required. In addition, they may advise spraying the area with saline or water to wash out debris and other substances that can lead to prolonged healing.

Cleaning the wound involves judgments on the quality of the cleaning solution and how it is to be delivered to the damage. Antiseptic solutions must be carefully diluted so that the concentration applied is not harmful to the left tissue fibroblasts that will help healing. 

However, there is a sturdy tendency to use more delicate wound cleaning solutions such as normal saline or lactated ringers to overcome any harm to the left host cells. The volume of fluid-applied is much more critical than the type of fluid. In some densely contaminated wounds, the use of mild pressure warm tap water is permitted only due to the huge quantity that can be quickly delivered.

Covering of the Wound

The injury needs to be adequately covered to encourage healing and restoration. The wound covering must secure and protect the damage from the external substances and offer a moist, hygienic area to stimulate the healing process. Covering correlates to the type of bandage that is used to preserve the harm during the recovery. The purposes of wound dressings include:

  • Affirm wound hydration
  • Manage wound temperature
  • Decrease self-trauma
  • Reduce contamination
  • Immobilisation/patient comfort

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