Intra Articular injections for Arthritis: PRP and Cortisone

Arthritis is quite a frustrating disease as knee pain and immobility affect your movement and quality of life. Thankfully, Intra Articular Injections for Arthritis can help you manage the pain and joint stiffness. Our caring and competent healthcare professionals at the WeCare Health Medical Centre will be delighted to assist you. With our routine check-ups and treatments, you can diminish inflammation, manage your discomfort, and get on with your daily life.

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Battling An Attenuating Illness

Several people think that Arthritis is a disease for older adults. Unfortunately, this uncomforting disease can occur at any age. Usually, Arthritis is genetic, but it can also grow because of any injury. This joint pain is commonly found in the knees, fingers, feet, and ankles. However, aches and inflammation can also evolve in the heels, lower back, and buttocks.

Sadly, this is an illness that can impact your life seriously. With Arthritis pain, you cannot complete your everyday activities, which can adversely impact your mental health. However, with the development in medical science, tolerating this discomfort is not required. Instead, you can rely on Intra Articular Injections for Arthritis to relieve your pain. PRP Injections and Cortisone Injections are the two modes to treat your condition.

Battling An Attenuating Illness

Details About Intra Articular Injections

When you are enduring arthritic pain for a long time, the effect of regular pain killers will reduce after a while. That's when you should seek further treatment. It means your condition requires a more focused approach to managing your pain. Thankfully, you can find the quality care you desire from our esteemed orthopedists at the WeCare Health Medical Centre.

Our highly qualified specialists provide cortisone and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to the two most standard injections. Let us tell you more about them:

Details About Intra Articular Injections

Cortisone injections: This treatment method has a long injection that ingests corticosteroids in your body's troubled region. It is a famous and genuinely beneficial adjunct cure for controlling arthritis pain. Medicines like prednisone are known to significantly reduce swelling in the troubled area, which eases your pain and enhances the movement of your joints and ligaments. Corticosteroids are clinically proven to provide pain comfort for six months or more. The only disadvantage is it suppresses your immune system.

PRP injections: Platelet-Rich Plasma injections are a famous biologic treatment that boosts your blood's biological healing elements. They help the body repair damaged cartilage, muscle ligaments, tendons, and bones. These injections are long-lasting and highly effective, and a bit more expensive than Cortisone Injections.

Treatment Considerations

The two primary side effects associated with intra-articular injections are local site reactions and infections. Other side effects can arise concerning the specific medications or substances injected.
These injections, by and large, should never be deemed as the sole means of treatment for Arthritis or other joint disorders. However, the effects of many of these drugs tend to weaken over time, and the long-term impact, especially of corticosteroids, on the joints themselves is controversial.
If you are going for corticosteroid shots, they should be scheduled no less than three months apart. However, the duration of relief can alter based on the type of steroid injected.

The efficacy of PRP is controversial, too, though there is some proof that these injections can help relieve pain and enhance functionality for a more extended period of time.
Treatment benefits of PRP injections have been reported to stay anywhere from six to nine months.

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Getting through excruciating knee or back pain is agonizing, so we understand why anyone seeks long-term relief from Arthritis. It is an incapacitating disease that may affect your everyday life. Hence, you need skilled medical professionals to help you ease your discomfort to live a full life. 

At WeCare Health Medical Centre, our experts will help alleviate your pain with these injections so that you can have a wholesome and long life.

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