Men’s Health

According to the studies at Harvard Medical School, an average man pays less attention to his health than the average woman. Men are more likely to consume alcohol and tobacco, make risky choices and not see a doctor for regular checkups. Men’s Health is a combination of total physical, mental, and social wellbeing. And, it is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. There’s no doubt that an individual’s lifestyle and habits play an essential role in maintaining wellness. This points to the necessity of the Men’s Health plan. If you are aware of potential risk factors, you can take proactive steps at the earliest possible time. Such measures can keep your overall health and prevent long-term consequences.

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Every person has particular health needs. Like, risk factors such as heart diseases and high BP, common among men, can be controlled if addressed immediately. Likewise, men must pay attention to existing health issues or those that may occur in various stages of their life. 

At We Care Health Medical Centre, we have various services geared towards taking care of Men’s Health in the best possible way. We try to cause prevention rather than cure so that you can lead a good life.

Importance of Men's Health

It is said that men, on average, pay less attention to their health. This research is alarming in many ways, as the absence of focus or lower weightage on wellness can lead to severe results. While health risks do not always appear instantly, these can quickly become a huge complication in the long run. If such uncertainties are neglected at the early stages, the long-term outcomes may no longer be negatable.

Aside from heart disease, stroke, and similar issues, men are also at risk of unique problems like prostate, testicular and penile cancer. All these points highlight the significance of Men's Health and learning to make conscious and sound decisions.

Importance of Men's Health

Men's Health Check-Ups

Are you wondering what the first step to your health journey is? First, you need to find a doctor who can examine you and help you get started with your treatment. Here at We Care Health Medical Centre, we pride ourselves on offering nothing but quality service. We put our patient's health as our top priority. We begin with a general test where your doctor will evaluate your health and ask about relevant information, such as lifestyle, family history of conditions, and likewise.

After a consultation, your doctor will conduct a series of examinations to evaluate your current health status. Aside from the regular blood sugar and heart checkups, you may also be required to do a urine test to examine your urologic condition. Specific tests, such as prostate, and STD checks, may also be done if suggested or applicable to your situation.

The examinations may seem exhaustive, but all these are done to ensure that you are in a tiptop state. Do you have any underlying conditions that need to be addressed? Early detection is the answer to treating them before they become more serious. Even after these tests, you still need to visit your physician periodically for routine checkups to ensure that you are in a good state.

Men's Health Check-Ups

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