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We constantly strive to take care of our bodies as far as possible to maintain a high quality of life. However, we ignore how we take care of our feet far too often. Yes, we wear socks and shoes to safeguard our feet, but have we been doing enough, such as visiting a Podiatrist, to ensure that our feet are treated properly and have no problems?

Because they can sustain the weight of our whole body, our feet are the fundamental base of our bodies. We will not walk, maintain balance, or function properly if we do not have them. As a result, it is critical that we start taking care of our feet and regularly get them checked by a Podiatrist service. In addition, WeCare Health features a specialist Podiatry section that handles all foot and ankle problems.

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What exactly are Podiatrist services?

The examination of the foot, ankle and lower body is known as podiatry. It is associated with the protection, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitative services of common illnesses affecting the lower leg down to the foot.

What exactly are Podiatrist services?

What are the advantages of consulting a Podiatrist?

We usually spend the majority of our days on our feet. Even though we did not walk much throughout the day, we may notice our feet are aching when we return home. There might be some underlying issues causing our feet to ache all the time. Among these conditions are:

Blisters are a frequent source of discomfort for us in our feet. They are liquid bubbles that grow beneath the upper layers of our skin. Blisters can form when we wear shoes that are too loose or too tight, causing a lot of friction against the surface on our feet. Foot blisters can also be caused by allergic responses, fungal diseases, herpes, or infectious bacteria. Visiting a Podiatrist service for treatment is one of the best approaches to find out why we get blisters on our feet.

What are the advantages of consulting a Podiatrist?

Calluses and corns 
Another typical foot issue we see is the growth of calluses and corns. These develop when repetitive pressure forces a part of the skin of our feet to die and produce rigid surfaces.
Athlete's Foot 
Our feet may be vulnerable to the formation of tinea fungi if they are constantly wet owing to sweating or excessive exposure to moisture. Athletes' foot is infectious, and we can become affected if we contact someone who already suffers from this infection.

When you get a Podiatrist consultation, the podiatrist can examine why your feet are constantly hurting. A Podiatrist can also examine your feet for any abnormalities we may have missed. Note that our bodies are always applying pressure on our feet. Wounds in tissues and strain fractures to the bones of our feet may occur without our knowledge. A podiatrist will also assist us if we have plantar fasciitis or discomfort in the arch of our foot. This pain could result from long-term damage that is now becoming apparent as we become older.

Podiatrists may also assist us in selecting the appropriate type of footwear for us. Everyone has a distinct running style based on how our feet slide while we run or jog. A Podiatrist specialist can evaluate our pronation type and provide the best-suited footwear for us.
Diabetes Care
If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will require the services of a podiatrist. Diabetes lowers blood circulation in our feet, making it difficult to determine whether or not our feet are hurt. As a result, diabetes patients must have their feet tested frequently.

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Your feet need to be treated every once in a while. Avail the services of a Podiatrist to check the actual state of the health of your feet and seek for any illnesses that you might be ignoring. WeCare Health will provide you with the best service possible for your feet. You can reach out to us at 02 6324 6688. to make an appointment.

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