Post-operative dressing

Do you know that the most prevalent public health linked infection among patients is Surgical Site Infection (SSI)?

Post-operative treatment and dressing is an integral part of the healing process of the wound. Wound bandages that are saturated and/or leaky can enable germs and dirt to penetrate and affect the wound area. As a result, we provide high-quality Post-operative Dressing and Wound Care Management at WeCare Health.

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Wound Healing Types

Wound healing can be classified into primary wound healing and secondary wound healing. Usually, most surgical wounds are closed by primary repair, which results in minimum tissue loss and allows the wound borders to be closed effectively. This enables primary wound healing, with quick epithelialization of the lesion and minimal scarring. 
Secondary healing is the process of purposefully leaving a full-thickness incision exposed. This could be because of inflammation or an inability to adequately approach the wound borders. Secondary healing comes to the picture when a wound heals naturally through an eventual contraction, granulation and gradual tissue formation.

Wound Healing Types

Principles of Post-Operative Wound Care

Irrespective of the wound healing process, the goals of post-operative dressing are the same: to enable the wound to heal quickly, without problems, and with the best aesthetic and functional benefits.
Wounds to be treated by primary healing must have their wound margins carefully approximated. Because collagen fibre restructuring has not happened in the early stages of healing, the injury has only limited tensile strength. As a result, extra support in stitches, pins, or tapes is needed until full epithelialization and remodelling occur.

Principles of Post-Operative Wound Care


Dressings are a critical part of post-operative wound care. An effective dressing must eliminate excess fluid that may lead to wound ulceration, offer a decent barrier against fungal or fluid infiltration, and be adhesive to the skin but atraumatic on withdrawal. Because no two wounds would be the same, dressing protocols must be tailored to each wound's specific demands. The location, size, and severity of the wound and the quantity of discharge are all factors to consider while choosing a dressing.

Improper Wound Care Can Lead to Complications

It is critical to care for and manage your wound treatment to avoid infection. Here are some pointers to remember:

Dehiscence can occur if the stitched up or stapled wound is cleaned harshly or vigorously before it has completely healed (reopening of the surgical incision).
Physical tension to the wound site from sneezing, coughing, puking, or straining may also reopen the incision.
Reopening of surgical incisions might result in serious problems that necessitate quick surgical treatment. For example, frequent dehiscence can potentially result in establishing an incisional hernia.

Our Wound Management and Post-Operative Dressing care

WeCare Health's Post-operative Dressing care, and management strives to help the wound recover faster, without any issues – with the best aesthetic and functional benefits. To keep the incisions hygienic and to avoid Surgical Site Infection (SSI), we practice the following:

  • Clean the area of injury with sterile normal saline or water to remove waste or debris such as devitalized tissues that may impede wound healing. This procedure is not required for all operative wounds and must be used selectively when necessary. Extensive wound cleaning might also impede wound healing.
  • Dressings must be changed regularly. If somehow the dressing is slipping off, leaking, or you fear it has been damaged, it is essential that healthcare professionals in a clean setting change it. A proper dressing should encourage wound healing, serve as a deterrent, and maintain the moisture around the wound and protect it from external factors.

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