Pre Employment Health Checks- Drug Test, Audiometry

Employers may ask a candidate to undergo a Pre-Employment Health Check to find out if an applicant is suitable for the job. This examination aims to determine if you have the physical and mental ability to do the job without any compromise. The health check-ups help reduce the risks by pinpointing if a person is a right fit for a job. This is particularly important for positions where you will be operating around heavy machinery and need all your facilities to perform optimally. 

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Why are Pre-Employment Health Checks Necessary?

If an employee is not physically fit for the job, he will be less productive and the cost to company will be huge due to medical expenses. It is, therefore, important for employers to review the health status of prospective employees to determine their physical capabilities in accomplishing the duties that are assigned to them. Pre-employment health checks are beneficial in:

Why are Pre-Employment Health Checks Necessary?

  • They recognise the pre-existing health conditions that their prospective employees may have, particularly those requiring long-term cautiousness and management. Pre-existing conditions are essential elements in employing a qualified candidate for a job role. When employees lie about their current medical conditions, they are putting their lives in danger. For example, six people were killed in an accident because a container truck driver blacked out on a busy street. Unfortunately, the lorry driver failed to reveal a pre-existing condition of blacking-out.
  • They determine whether or not an employee is suitable for being moved to another branch with different work conditions. Employers must also be careful in shifting their staffers to different work environments. For instance, employees who have a history of being hypertensive must be kept away from stressful work conditions.

If a pre-employment health check-up is required for the prospective employees, below are some types of tests that will be examined.

  • Hemoglobin Test
  • Liver Function Test
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) Test
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test
  • Urine Test

What Are Pre-Employment Medical Screening Tests For?

Standard Pre-Employment Health Checks will evaluate an individual's medical record through a sequence of questions. A person will then be subjected to different screenings to assess their vision, respiratory system, heart, nervous system, and musculoskeletal systems. A urine test is also done that determine if they have diabetes or kidney diseases.

Drug Test and Audiometry Tests:

Drug Test. Alcohol and Drug Test Assessments are the standard screenings employers demand from their likely employees. It can screen the usage of drugs and illicit substances along with urine examination. The urine sample analysis can provide you with evidence of prior drug consumption or monitoring the abstinence of drug usage.

Audiometry Test. We can also screen hearing abilities for people who need to be attentive while working. For this, we use Audiometry Testing facilities. And during the Audiometry Testing, we will analyse if the employee still has normal hearing and can hear noises between 0-25 decibels.

Some Jobs Require Complete Pre-Employment Screening

High-risk jobs will require a thorough examination such as: 

  • Peak Expiratory Flow Rate or PEFR Test: This estimates how fast an individual exhales. A person with abnormal PEFR may experience difficulties breathing, which can give rise to intense anxiety or panic, lessened alertness, and chaos.
  • Spirometry Test: There are specific jobs exposed to various harmful substances. One has to ensure that your personnel do not have respiratory-related issues in such employment. For instance, workers are often exposed to toxic chemicals and gas in an iron and steel manufacturing environment. In such a case, the employer must carry out a spirometry test to inspect if the employee has a lung or respiratory problem that may deteriorate due to such a work environment.
  • Renal Function Test: It is a kidney function examination used to evaluate how well the kidneys perform. Kidney Disorder can refer to swelling of legs, ankles, hands, feet, or face, lack of appetite, fatigue, infection, and shortness of breath.

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Companies must understand the seriousness of conducting pre-employment screening for their future employees. Fit employees can create a more optimistic and enthusiastic work environment which can raise the company's efficiency level. Whether you want a Pre-employment Health Check, Drug Test or Audiometry Test, the team of We Care Health Medical Centre is glad to accommodate you. Please give us a call at 02 6324 6688.

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